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Author’s Foreword: 

Showing the direction the book will take with examples of memories. ‘Myth’ is used here of a memory with a ritual element,

Section One Preparation


Geographical range and Neolithic date of the Megalithic Maritime Culture of the Atlantic Coast. This is the material background to memories and myths .


Chapter 1a    Literary and scientific sources that can be compared to the archaeological framework .

Chapter 1b    Methods: dating memories and myths, analysis of names, using tables, using dubious sources etc

Chapter 1c     Aspects of paganism that are often referred to in literary sources: mounds, the Goddess of Sovereignty, the Holy Grail, mutilation, depositions etc            

Chapter 2a     Round Barrows with chambers and passages and. Dolmens.  These are the characteristic features of the Atlantic coastal culture.                                                   

Chapter 2b    Stone Pillars and Stone Circles. These are not restricted to the megalithic coastal zone and some may not be neolithic.

Chapter 2c    Banked enclosures of the Neolithic and some decorated stones etc

Chapter 3    Five ritual landscapes showing preference for large sites over many centuries: Southern Brittany, Stonehenge, Maes Howe, Newgrange and Avebury                                                                               

Section Two Descriptions of Memories and Myths

Chaoter 4    Pre-Christian Cults in the Atlantic Coast.     

Chapter 5    Relevant classical and Celtic references to gods in Ireland and Britain includes Table 1                                                              

Chapter 6    Stories of lovers in underground chambers compared with a type of stone chamber in reality, includes Table 2.             

Chapter 7    Stage 1 in the northward journey of British  culture. From Brittany to Wales                                                                                                                                                      

Chapter 8    Stage 2 from Wales to Stonehenge includes Table 3.

Chapter 9    Vigorous rulers chose by combat.   How Stonehenge was abandoned, use of metals and a new system was used to select a consort for the Sovereignty

Appendix:  Naked eye astronomy in the Neolithic                                                                                                    


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